[Mommyhood Monday] Real Food Origins

And so it is.

I’m a new mommy.  My precious man turned 6 months old this past Friday and every bit of my heart is devoted to him.  I’ve been working on his story and I’ll tell it through my Monday posting but, for now, a little insight to us.

Somewhere, in the early stages of our fertility journey, I read the book “Fertility, Cycles and Nutrition” by Dr. Marilyn Shannon. We received this book as part of our NFP (Natural Family Planning…ask me if you’re curious) training course and after seeing that it had advice for women with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome…me), I devoured it. This book changed our lives.  If ever you experience fertility struggles, or if you care about the food that goes into your body, I cannot recommend this enough.  For the ladies – her nutrition and supplement advice for everything from cramps to severe PMS to PCOS are natural (important to me) and proven effective.  We took Dr. Shannon’s advice and dietary changes to heart and began reading ingredients, cutting out processed foods, aspartame and I (eek!) gave up caffeine.  More significantly, after we were told that we would not be able to conceive and as we started to save for adoption, Matt took her advice for men.   Though we attribute Harry as an absolute miracle from God, we also know that we were pregnant within 2 months.

In the last several months, we’ve slowly made the journey closer and closer to a Real Food diet.  Dr. Shannon stresses the importance of whole, unrefined foods and for the most part, this is what we’ve done.  We are very conscientious of making good decisions with our food, spending our money on things that are good for us and our bodies.  Then I came across Lisa Leake’s Blog, “100 Days of Real Food” and I lost hours, days, weekends in all of her information, challenges and recipes.  She has a great breakdown of what a “Real Food” diet looks like and even has top lists for your pantry, freezer, fridge, appliances, etc.  Since then I’ve been readings books and blogs and starting transitioning our pantry and fridge to a total commitment.

Where’s the Mommyhood Monday in this?

Harry’s starting solids soon.  We’ve been so blessed to exclusively breastfeed him for the first 6 months…I’m ecstatic and proud and have been reading/researching up a storm.  Every kid is different but with Harry’s daddy having a slew of allergies as a babe (he was practically a bubble kid…poor guy!), I’m thrilled he’s gotten all the nutrients and antibodies.  After the American Academy of Pediatrics released their reaffirmation of exclusive BF, I was determined (with the support of his pediatrician, of course).

His 6 month check is tomorrow and I have all my questions written down, I have the apples purchased (to make Smitten Kitchen’s First Applesauce) and the oats on standby for oatmeal.  I’m so excited to explore this new stage with Harry – where we get to share new flavors with him and witness him falling in love with food (and dislike with some…we’re not naive).  I’m prepared for the mess and for the work it takes and how we get to love him through the food we make.  Warning: I’m sure there will be some insights, discoveries and frustrations along the way.   If you have any to share, please do!

In case you can’t already tell, I have a tendency to make things a bit romantic.  Including, yes, baby food (okay…even cloth diapers).  I guess when you’re told at 19 that you will likely face infertility struggles, and then you do, you don’t take a single little thing for granted.  But that’s another story.



7 thoughts on “[Mommyhood Monday] Real Food Origins

  1. This is great!! I started making recipes from the Real Food Diet Cookbook a couple years ago, and love it!! I’m also a big fan of “green” smoothies.

  2. I am a huge fan of real food and already have chosen that lifestyle. You’ll have to share your experience with natural family planning, I’d love to know! My lil man is 8 years old and we’ve been trying for a second child for awhile. 🙂

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