12:51AM – A Moment

The Story of Harry Part III has taken me a while.  It’s been started about 3 times but I haven’t been able to get it to a place where I’m happy to post it.  It is not meant for brilliance or anything, but it’s still part of Harry’s story.  So it’s special to me.

Much to my dismay, it’s not getting published tonight.  Instead, I am sitting here with a babe that has fallen back asleep in my arms.  And I will do anything I can to prolong the moment.

The mornings may be blurry, the nights may be broken, but there is little chance that you’ve ever heard me complain about lack of sleep since H has been born.  I love these moments.  He’s almost 11 months old (AHH) and with his mean teeth waking him up these recent nights, I soak in the time.  During the day I am generally multitasking.  I make it a point to not be on my phone while feeding Harry and the TV is usually off when he’s awake.  But with my ADHD nature, my mind is a few different places.  I’m working, I’m sending emails while he plays with his blocks, I’m on the phone with a client while he blissfully crashes through board books (could I be any luckier?).  Though I have been blessed with the ability to work from home and be with him most of the week, I’m still working.  Though my eyes are always on him, I’m still divided.

But in the early morning hours, I’m hopelessly devoted.  I didn’t sign up for sleep when we prayed and prayed (and prayed some more) for a babe.  I signed up for these moments, when he’s heavy with warmth, breathing sweet breaths, and filled with dreams.

Thanks to the love affair H has with his crib, he rarely falls asleep elsewhere.  Especially not in our arms.  So tonight,I’m recording in words how special this moment is to me, and I’m off to soak in as many as he’ll let me.

Peace be with you and yours.


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