Thirty and Thriving

When you struggle to remember your WordPress logins, it’s been a long time.  I’d like to say that instead of keeping this up, I’ve been super productive elsewhere and making strides with home projects and meal plans.  I’d like to say my bench is complete.  I’d like to say a lot of things.

What I can say is that I’m now almost 60 days into thirty and have no shame about what I completed on my Roaring Twenties Bucket List: I painted, I planned an “Awkward Mommy Happy Hour”, I finished our Christmas shopping in November (this was huge!), and I got the Four Generations of Howeth photo.  40% is not too shabby.

Since October I’ve started a new job, all three of us had birthdays, and busy Christmas season happened.  January has been busy with work and H starting his lil spanish school (it’s a shame Harry doesn’t translate to a spanish name), and figuring out what a “routine” looks like for us.  To let you know how busy the week feels, all three Howeths were tucked in by 8pm on Fri night and 9pm on Sat/Sun night this weekend.  It was heavenly.

For Harry’s first birthday, we went to the park.  It involved all of Harry’s favorite things: people, balloons, food, and swings.  What more can a little boy want?


H has yet to eat refined white sugar – we found a great recipe with ripe bananas, unsweetened applesauce and spices over at Our Havenhill for his smash cake and clearly, he didn’t mind.  The only pity from the party is that we didn’t get very many pictures and definitely didn’t get one of the three of us.  Note for any mama stressing out over first birthday shenanigans ..don’t worry about the little details and jump into pictures!  If the snack bowls aren’t at least 65% full for three extra minutes…your babe will never know.  Pictures are what lasts.

Speaking of…those who follow on Instagram saw this back in December but I’ll share it here for fun.   For how bad I can be with sticking to things, I’m impressed with myself for pulling this off.  So fun to see the month-to-month changes and transformation.  What a babe!